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Dynamic Pricing *
Drives Massive List Mailer Value!
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Dynamic Pricing Drives Massive Advertising Value

It's a simple concept - provide top quality list mailer value at dirt cheap prices ($27.80 or LESS!) while the membership is just starting to grow.

As the paid membership grows so does the value and as the value increases so does the price.

Our goal is to build a paid membership of 10,000+ members and 100,000's of free members, too (yep, you can join free but why would you want to?)

The first 2,000 members will get a LIFETIME membership with the ability to mail to all members, free and paid, for life .

The next 2,000 members will be able to purchase Annual memberships for no more than $27.80 - with hundreds able to buy for MUCH less than $27.80 - depending on how quick they take action, of course.

Mailer.Gold is all about delivering paid member eyeballs to view your ads.

Think about it - people who can and will reach into their pocket to buy advertising are much more apt to do it again with your offer, right?

That’s why Mailer.Gold values the paid member so much and why we want to provide massive advertising value...

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Put the Power of Dynamic Pricing to work for YOU!

Definition: * Dynamic Pricing or time based pricing, is a pricing strategy in which a business sets flexible prices for products or services based upon current market demands.



Here at Mailer.Gold we are ALL about Value - hopefully that’s been apparent to this point, but...

We also are driven by REWARDS and we want to Send You Money!

Yep, that's right - Mailer.Gold has a lucrative referral plan that pays you up to 60% Commissions - possibly over and over and over again!

Our valued paid members earn 60% commissions and we want to reward our free members for referrals, too. Free Members will earn 30%.

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The GOLD Standard of List Mailers

Value Driven by Paid Members